16-year-old surfer attacked by a shark in the capital

16-year-old Doyle Nielsen walked away with a few scrapes on his right arm. a story.

New Smyrna Beach In Florida (US) is a paradise for Surfers. But not that… In fact, it was also nicknamed ‘the capital of the sting’. Why ? Well, because many sharks Those crashing down here enjoy the surfers getting their legs pulled.

This is how New Smyrna Beach lived up to its title this Thursday 9 September. 16-year-old surfer Doyle Nielsen even came face to face with a… noise despite him. In fact, the shark It came just under two meters attack him The confrontation images are also shown. Doyle kicked off his board and eventually came out with some scratches on his right arm. And great fear.

320 bites since 1882

The young man immediately came out of the water. Clearly unharmed. before it can be taken care of by the emergency services, according to Daytona Beach Newspaper.

Doyle initially thought he had been beaten up by another surfer before his friends told him the true side of the story. Photographer Sam Scribner took the photos from the beach, Who then shared it on Instagram.

As mentioned, Volusia County in Florida, where New Smyrna Beach is located, is the unofficial capital of the shark bite. Since 1882, 320 shark bites have been recorded there.


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