1,475 people by 9pm, 269 people from yesterday↓… Expected to be around 1,500 people on 5 days (total)

Seoul Station Square Temporary Screening Center, Jung-gu, Seoul

picture explanationSeoul Station Square Temporary Screening Center, Jung-gu, Seoul

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As the fourth wave of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in Korea continued, the number of confirmed cases continued on the 4th.

According to the quarantine authorities and local governments such as Seoul, there were 1,475 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 from 0:00 to 9:00 pm on the same day.

This is 269 fewer than the 1,744 people counted at the same time the day before.

One more than the 1,474 people counted at 9 pm last Saturday (August 28).

If you look at the areas where the confirmed cases were confirmed on that day, 1,68 people (72.4%) were in the metropolitan area and 407 people (27.6%) were in the non-metropolitan area.

By province, Seoul 513, Gyeonggi 457, Incheon 98, Chungnam 73, Gyeongnam 50, Gyeongbuk 42, Ulsan 40, Gwangju 39, Daejeon 38, Busan 37, Gangwon 20, Daegu 19, Chungbuk 16, Jeonnam 13, Jeonbuk 11, Jeju 7, and Sejong 2

There were confirmed cases in 17 cities and provinces nationwide.

As there is still time until midnight, when the counting ends, the number of new confirmed cases to be announced as of 00:00 on the 5th is expected to increase further, reaching 1,500, or at most 1,600.

The previous day, the number of people increased by 60 after 9 pm, and the final number was 1,804.

The 4th pandemic, which started in earnest in the metropolitan area at the beginning of last month, has recently spread to all parts of the non-metropolitan area, showing a nationwide trend.

[그래픽]  New cases of COVID-19

picture explanation[그래픽] New cases of COVID-19

The number of confirmed cases per day has been in the four digits for 60 days in a row since July 7 (1,211 people), and the 5th is the 61st day.

If we look at the number of new confirmed cases in the last week (August 29-9.4), 1,619 → 1,485 → 1,370 → 2,24 → 1,961 → 1,708 → 1,804 by day. An average of 1,710 people per day came out.

Among them, the average daily number of confirmed cases, excluding those imported from overseas, is about 1,671.

New infections were confirmed in hospitals, logistics centers, markets, academies, and schools.

In the metropolitan area, 28 new cluster infections occurred centered on the Dongdaemun-gu market in Seoul, and there were also new cluster outbreaks related to the logistics center in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do (cumulative 12) and Bucheon hospital (case 2, 23).

In the non-metropolitan area, new confirmed cases followed in Seosan-si, Chungnam (7), Jeonju, Jeonbuk (8), and Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do (14).


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