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# 101 with Christian Meermann // Cherry Ventures

by drbyos

How do startups revolutionize the FMCG market?

Message in a bottle, gorillas and nimble. Startups are currently shaking up the classic FMCG world. Christian Meermann from Cherry Ventures takes a look at the business models of startups.

We address the following questions: How do startups threaten the business model of traditional FMCGers?

How should traditional FMCGers react to market developments? How can Gorilla and Flink business models pay off in the future?

From min. 39 we talk about what B2B marketing can learn from B2C marketing?

Christian is a Founding Partner at Cherry. After a few years with the Boston Consulting Group, Christian joined Zalando as the first CMO.

Christian was responsible for setting up and managing the group’s marketing activities (such as performance marketing, CRM, PR, TV and brand marketing).

He then moved to the management of Peek & Cloppenburg and was responsible for the company’s online business.

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