10 years have passed since Cristiano Ronaldo’s mythical phrase

Soccer is a sport of many contrasts. An example of this is the unlimited number of situations that occur both on and off the field of play.

Precisely, one of those moments turns 10 this week. In fact, it is one of the most remembered for what it meant at that moment.

We talk about the mythical answer he gave Cristiano Ronaldo to reporters after a tough Champions League match.

A battle against Dinamo Zagreb

The story goes back to the match between Real Madrid and the Dinamo de Zagreb at the Maksimir Stadium. CR7 was a player for the whites in that battle, he received a powerful ‘sweetie’.

Madrid was left with the victory for the minimum count with a goal from Angel di Maria, and the Portuguese ended up receiving three stitches in the right ankle after a kick that the defender gave him Jerko Leko.

Besides, the Norwegian judge Sven Oddvan Moen he did not punish the offender even though Cristiano had a bloody ankle.

Cristiano was outraged by the situation and after the match, in the mixed zone, he described the judge’s role as a ‘shame’.

“This is a shame. I was kicked so violently that I bled. Then they had to put stitches on me. But Leko has not been expelled. It cannot be that afterwards they have thrown Marcelo out ”, he launched.

“I am handsome, rich and a great player”

In addition, CR7 clarified that “before the matches the referees say that they will protect the players with more skill, but when I play they do not protect me at all. Some… fantastic, they can’t touch them, and they have to give me a stick… I don’t understand, I don’t understand ”.

And when asked why the Croatian fans had whistled intensely at him, Ronaldo released a phrase that would become the best of the year.

“They whistle at me for being handsome, rich and a great player. They envy me ”, He launched.

Obviously those words quickly went viral on social networks, where comments and memes arose that are still remembered today.



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