1 in 7 UK 11-17 year-olds have symptoms of coronavirus for more than 3 months

As the number of children and adolescents infected with the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) increases in the UK, a study found that 1 in 7 COVID-19 patients of that age are experiencing long-term symptoms of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, in the United States, a report has been released that the number of underage COVID-19 patients has surged in less than a month. In this regard, U.S. health officials expect that the vaccine will be approved for children under the age of 12 by the end of the year.

◇ In the UK, 14% of 3,065 adolescents aged 11-17 have symptoms even after 15 weeks of infection

On the 2nd (local time) at King’s College London, UK, a joint research team of several universities in the UK, such as the University of Edinburgh and Oxford University, with the UK health authority and the University of Edinburgh, conducted a study on 11-17 year olds of COVID-19 patients. According to the report, it was found that they suffered from COVID-19 symptoms for more than 15 weeks. The research team emphasized that it should not be misjudged that COVID-19 is milder in children and adolescents, but that the sequelae will not be severe. The results of the study have been published on Research Square, a site for pre-publication of the thesis. The research team conducted a research team between January and March of 2021, with 3,065 people aged 11 to 17 who tested positive for COVID-19 and those of the same age group who were negative for COVID-19. The study was conducted on 3739 subjects.

In a survey conducted an average of 15 weeks after testing positive for COVID-19, about 14% of people in the group who tested positive for COVID-19 still had three or more symptoms. 7% reported having five or more symptoms at the same time, and those with the most symptoms reported having 14 symptoms at the same time.

Of those who tested positive for the COVID-19 gene amplification (PCR) test, 35.4% had no symptoms.

The research team estimated that at least 4000 to 32,000 of the 11-17 year-olds in the UK will experience a number of related symptoms 15 weeks after infection.

Terrence Stevenson, professor at University College London School of Medicine, UK, said: “There is consistent evidence that symptoms persist even after some teens test positive for COVID-19. It needs to be considered,” he said.

The research team plans to conduct investigations after 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years from the time of PCR test for longer-term observation.

◇ U.S. minors aged 0-20 are diagnosed with COVID-19… About 500,000 people in 3 weeks

Meanwhile, in the United States, concerns are growing as the number of minors infected with COVID-19 is skyrocketing.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reported on the 2nd (local time) on the 2nd (local time) that 500,000 underage patients under the age of 20 were newly infected with Corona 19 for three weeks from August 5th to 26th.

In particular, there were 203,962 new infections reported from August 19 to 26, the last week of the investigation period. The number of cases of COVID-19 among minors reported in the first week of June reached 8,500, a 23.9-fold increase in two months.

Fortunately, the number of severe cases of the Corona 19 patients is only 0.1 to 1.9%.

“Currently, severe illness caused by COVID-19 in young patients appears to be uncommon,” AAP said. “However, there is an urgent need to gather more data on the long-term physical, mental and emotional health effects of these virus-infected patients.”

“The virus is rampant in unvaccinated minors,” said Jonathan Reiner, CNN medical analyst. That’s why it’s important to make school masks compulsory,” he said. “They still have low vaccination rates for people over the age of 12 who can be vaccinated,” he said.

In this regard, Rochelle Wallensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said on the same day, “It is expected that clinical results of a COVID-19 vaccine for children under the age of 12 will be available by the end of September. We hope that (permission) will come out at the end of the year,” he said.

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