1 in 3 young people since corona opener about how they feel

One in three young people (33 percent) think they have become better at talking about how they feel since the corona pandemic. This is apparent from a study by 3Vraagt, part of the EenVandaag Opinion Panel, in collaboration with NPO FunX, NPO 3, NPO 3FM on the initiative of MIND and HUMAN in the context of the #openup week. This will take place from Sunday 10 to Friday 15 October and is intended to encourage young people to be open about their psychological complaints. This reports MIND.

The young people feel that there is more room to share when things are not going well. They noticed that everyone struggled to a greater or lesser extent during the corona crisis and that mental health was a topic of conversation more often. The figures illustrate why the youth brands are joining forces again this year for the fifth edition of #openup. Together they stimulate openness about psychological complaints, because openness ensures that young people are more likely to raise the alarm and seek help. MIND, Human, FunX, NPO 3 and 3FM call on young people to share their own story with the hashtag #openup. In addition, they ask young people not only to be open themselves, but also to show interest if they think that someone else is not doing well.

A lot of stress among young people

In the survey, a large part of the young people said that they had to deal with stress (63 percent), sadness (54 percent) and loneliness (49 percent) for a longer period of time in the past year. These problems are not new. Young people also talked about this in the open-up survey before the corona crisis. For example, due to events in their lives, pressure to perform or negative thoughts. However, 31 percent of participants with psychological complaints say that the pandemic has made it worse. The number of young people who feel lonely has also increased, from 37 percent to 49 percent.

More information about it research into #openup find you here.

By: National Care Guide
Image: MIND and HUMAN


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