👏Gus Hiddink announced his retirement – Football

Former head coach of the Russian national team Guus Hiddink, who recently led the team Curaçao, announced his retirement.

– I haven’t worked lately due to coronavirusCoincidentally, yesterday I spoke with the management and we came to the conclusion that it is better to take a break for now, because they want to try a different approach.

– Is it really just a pause?

– I’m going to stop. Finally.

– Are you going to act like a lawyer [возглавивший сборную Ирака, несмотря на обещание завершить карьеру]?

“No, no,” Hiddink said on SBS 6.

During his career as a coach, Hiddink worked in the national teams of Russia and the Netherlands, Anji, Real, Chelsea, PSV, Valencia and other teams.

At the club level, he has won the league title, Dutch Cup and Super Cup, FA Cup, Champions Cup, Intercontinental Cup.

In 2008, the coach led the Russian national team to the Euro semi-finals, and he also took 4th place at the 1998 World Cup and 2002 World Cup with the Netherlands and South Korea, respectively.

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