🎙️ “We’re behind the coach, now’s not the time to let go”

🎙️ “We’re behind the coach, now’s not the time to let go”

Following the sinking of ASSE in Corsica, various players in the meeting presented themselves at the microphone of BeIN Sports, then at a press conference: Tom Ducrocq, author of a sublime goal, Gaëtan Charbonnier, Kevin Van Den Kerkhof, Jean-Philippe Krasso as well as Régis Brouard and Laurent Batlles. The top scorer of the Greens was questioned about the situation of his coach and wanted to testify to the solidarity of the locker room against him.

Tom Ducrocq looks back on his Golazo

Tom Ducrocq : “It’s my first pro goal, I’ll remember it. There is the corner, it comes back to me, I control, I have to chain it because otherwise, there is a counter-attack. I take her left foot, as she comes. It’s my first goal and I was still waiting for it. It was my 3rd season here, and it makes me extremely happy to score in front of this audience, in a special match like this. »

“Since the start of the recovery we have conceded very, very few goals, it is our great strength. We know that by not conceding goals, if we score we will inevitably win. We are solid defensively, very little happens to us so we have to continue like that. »

Charbonnier points to the decline of Sainté in the 2nd half

Charcoal: “What went wrong tonight? Our 2nd half, clearly, quite simply. Because we put in less than in the first half, and we knew that their right side was their strong side… First action in the 2nd half, it goes to the right and we get penalised. »

Gaetan CHARBONNIER of ASSE during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Sporting Club Bastia and Association Sportive Saint-Etienne on January 31, 2023 in Bastia, France. (Photo by Xavier Grimaldi/Icon Sport)

“We are not ready to resume the match in this second half and we are being punished, that’s all, that’s how it is, that’s football. »

“No I’m not worried because despite everything in the 1st half there are good things. The games before there were good things… We are still on a series of 2 defeats, now we have 2 games at home and we have to fill up. »

Kevin Van Den Kerkhof

“Yes a great team from Saint-Étienne, unfortunately they are in doubt. Personally I hope they will raise the bar because it remains a historic club that has its place higher. After us we made our match, we did not calculate all that, and we are proud today. »

Régis Brouard gets off

Regis Brouard: “Indeed, it’s great to see the quality, the expenditure of energy, the gift of self, the investment… All the words that must correspond to a team. And today that’s what we get out. We can be rewarded before, in the first half we must open the scoring. We are not rewarded, then we re-go, we go back, and then we insist. So there was a little success at one point because Saint-Étienne touched the posts, but overall I think it was a deserved victory. »

Regis BROUARD (Entraineur Bastia SCB) during the Ligue 2 BKT match between Saint-Etienne and SC Bastia at Stade Geoffroy-Guichard on August 30, 2022 in Saint-Etienne, France. (Photo by Alex Martin/FEP/Icon Sport) – Photo by Icon sport

Batlles is running out of time and calls for more intensity

Laurent Batlles: “The negative points are above all that we came across a team from Bastia who ate us in all the duels. From the moment we play the maintenance, we must be at the same level as them, especially in that. We must realize that we must try to be much more efficient in this to be able to save ourselves. Because it won’t just happen through great play, it will also go through matches where you’ll have to look for something else, an extra soul, which I haven’t seen this evening for a while. »

“We have to plan for Saturday’s match against Annecy. We have two home games coming up, in front of our home crowd. We will have to show a lot more things than what we have shown in the last matches, and in particular in aggressiveness and in winning duels. Because I think that tonight, even if we lacked success and efficiency up front because at some point it didn’t turn out for us, but we can’t be satisfied in the situation in which we are to play games like that. »

“I tried to readjust to try to change tactics, unfortunately we took a goal from elsewhere. But you know that’s the difference between teams that are up and teams that are down. There is a goal from a corner when we had gone through a system to model ourselves on them to try to bring them another way of seeing the thing. I think that at one point it didn’t go too badly, they fell back a bit, but we didn’t have the success to score tonight. »

“I will hold on until the end, I have one objective, it is to hold on and I think we will get there. Players need to be aware to look for something else. »

“I asked that they not speak to me about recruitment. It’s not easy either to prepare for a match with a transfer window that ends the same day. Now it’s true that when you have a lot of players who arrived this summer, and many who arrived there, it’s not easy to find something legitimate and coherent either. It takes a little work, we know that in this environment we don’t have any, and that we need results to have time… I hope that we will be able to play our 2 matches in Annecy and Dijon in a coherent way … We have an important month of February with Annecy, Dijon, Nimes and Pau, we will have to make points, something other than what we saw this evening, in terms of intensity. »

Krasso defends his coach and wants the team to take responsibility

Jean-Philippe Krasso: “We are not sure how to respond to the physical challenge. More should have been done. Bastia ate us aggressively. This is where the match was played, we had no respondent. Everyone is aware of the urgency of the situation. We want to get out of it. The coach? We are behind him, this is not the time to let go. Tonight, it’s not him who didn’t go to the duel. Everyone has their share of responsibility but it is not the coach who is on the field. »

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