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[정치]與, Election of Supreme Commissioner Nae Hong … 野, opposition integration’push and pull’

by drbyos

With the end of the 4·7 re-election, both the ruling and the opposition parties are starting to create new leadership positions, and new conflicts are emerging inside and outside the party.

In addition, the Democratic Party is arguing over the election of the highest member, and the people’s power is a nervous war over the issue of integration with the People’s Party.

Connect with reporters to the National Assembly. Reporter Baek Jong-gyu!

The Democratic Party, which has entered the emergency response committee system, is in the process of electing a new leadership after the by-election by re-election.

In this regard, is there a situation where opinions within the party are not gathered together?


Yes, the Democratic Party is planning to form a new leadership through the elections for the in-house representative on the 16th, and the national convention on the next 2nd, ahead of schedule.

It means that the leadership, which resigned due to the re-election, will be reduced as much as possible to prepare for the presidential and local elections along with the party renewal.

However, in the party, there is a continuing debate over the new version of the leadership.

Conflict over the election of the highest rank is typical. The highest member of the elected office is supposed to select a successor from the central committee within two months from the day the seat is available, but there are opinions that this should be changed to a party member election method.

The 2030 lawmakers, who wrote that the cause of the 4·7 re-election by-election was within the Democratic Party, issued a statement saying that the vacant top member should be elected at the convention today.

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He emphasized that the more difficult the party is, the more democratic principles should be followed and the leadership should be formed with the participation of all party members.

Earlier, as the party leaders joined in this argument, there is also a prospect that the party’s decision to elect from the central committee could change.

Rep. Hong Young-pyo, the party’s representative candidate, selects the highest members from the Central Committee through his SNS.

He stressed that the controversy over’share-and-eat’ by representatives of the president and party leaders could leave a spark of conflict.

Another party leader, Rep. Woo Won-sik, said that preventing party members from participating in the election of the party’s leadership could not fit the spirit of the times and could shake the tone of unity and unity.

Park Joo-min and Kim Yong-min are also making a voice that the highest members should be elected by party member elections, not by the Central Committee.

As such, controversy over the method of selecting the highest committee continues, and there are concerns that if the conflict is not resolved early, Naehong may intensify.

In addition, as the theory of human renewal, such as the retreat of the second line of pro-munity runners, which has emerged from the collapse of the elections, has emerged, conflict over the issue of election of a new leadership in the future seems inevitable.

In the midst of this, the Democratic Non-Captain will hold a closed meeting this afternoon to continue discussions on how to tour public sentiment and elect a new leadership.

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In particular, at this meeting, the non-Captain will hear the honest stories of the Youth Committee and others in their 20s and 30s and decide the direction for the election of the new leadership.


The power of the people is also scheduled to hold a preparatory committee for the national convention this week.


The power of the people will operate the National Assembly Preparatory Committee starting next week with Secretary General Chung Yang-seok.

The convention is expected to be around June, and the integration schedule with the National Assembly is expected to be a variable.

The power of the people is an opinion to draw a consolidated conclusion before the national convention to elect the next party leader.

Earlier, Ho-young Joo, acting as the representative of the party and the House Representative, said that he had previously requested the National Assembly to inform him of what procedure to proceed with the party.

However, CEO Ahn Chul-soo, who brought up the worthy story, is in a cautious position.

The first thing is to look back on the by-election process, to evaluate it internally, and to listen to the voices of party members all over the country.

In a word, there is nothing urgent, but it is expected that the process will not be smooth, as the people’s power is the fast worthiness and the National Party’s election evaluation is the priority.

There is also a battle for leadership.

Representative Lee Tae-gyu of the People’s Party insisted that the victory of the people’s power was possible thanks to the unified synergy led by Ahn.

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The power of the people praised President Jin An’s help in the election campaign in unification, but emphasized the victory because Mayor Oh Se-hoon stood as the sign of the 1st opposition party.

Both parties seem to be striving to build a justification to bring the timing and mode of integration to their advantage, and this neurological warfare is expected to continue throughout the week.

In response to this, Kim Jong-in, the former chairman of the Emergency Response Committee, made a bitter voice in a media interview saying that the power of the people should not snoop on the outside and crack down on the inside.

YTN Baek Jong-gyu at the National Assembly so far[[email protected]]is.


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