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[사회]676 new corona19 patients…”4th epidemic warning light continues”

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The number of new patients with Corona 19 in Korea has reached the second half of the 600 level.

Health officials expressed concern that the warning lights of the fourth pandemic, once lit, are seldom going off.

We will connect reporters to find out more details. Reporter Han Yeon-hee!

The number of confirmed cases was around 500 the day before, but the number of patients slightly increased from yesterday?


Yes, as of 0 o’clock today, there are 676 new patients with COVID-19.

135 people increased from yesterday, and the number of new confirmed cases rose to 600 again in three days after the last two days when 606 were.

It seems that the number of confirmed cases has increased sharply from the middle of the week when the effects of weekends and holidays, when the number of tests is reduced by half compared to weekdays, disappears.

In particular, as various events are scheduled for today’s Children’s Day and Family Month, there is a concern that the size of confirmed cases may increase in the future.

The route of infection of new patients is 651 in Korea and 25 inflows from overseas.

When looking at the domestic outbreaks by region, only 412 people in the metropolitan area.

There were 234 patients from Seoul, 162 from Gyeonggi and 16 from Incheon.

Outside the metropolitan area, Gangwon has the largest number with 48, Gyeongbuk 38, Gyeongnam 26, Busan and Ulsan 22 and 21 respectively.

The death toll increased by 7 and the number of severely ill patients increased by 11 to 173.

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The current status of vaccination as of today’s 0 o’clock is also available.

The number of people who received the primary vaccination increased by 62,507 people, and the cumulative amount exceeded 3.53 million.

The number of 2nd new vaccinations is 31,000.

After vaccination, the number of reports of adverse reactions increased, with 3 deaths, 1 suspected anaphylaxis and 7 severe suspected cases.

All deaths were vaccinated by Pfizer, but the causality between vaccination and death has not yet been determined.


As you said, the number of confirmed patients rose to 600 again in three days today, and the health authorities expressed concern that the fourth epidemic is seldom caught?


Yes, it is.

Minister of Health and Welfare Kwon Deok-cheol said that more than 60% of all confirmed cases are still coming out in the metropolitan area at today’s major script meeting.

It is said that the number of confirmed cases per 1 million people in the Gyeongnam area is similar to that of the metropolitan area.

At the same time, I was concerned that the warning light for the 4th trend, once turned on, was seldom going off.

In particular, they expressed concern about the outbreak of the mutant virus in Ulsan and the reported mass infection of foreign workers in Gangwon.

Minister Kwon explained that Ulsan has expanded the temporary screening laboratory from 3 to 10, and has implemented an administrative order for diagnostic tests for those who are recommended for testing among medical institutions and pharmacies users.

He also emphasized that the group will respond thoroughly to prevent the spread of the group infection of foreign workers in Gangwon-do to other regions.

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Minister Kwon also expressed regret for the children who lost their daily lives due to the corona on today’s Children’s Day.

It is said that students in the first and second grades of elementary school often do not know the face of their friend.

Minister Kwon emphasized that adults are asking for a little more patience, even for the daily life where children laugh and play to their heart’s content.

This is YTN Han Yeon-hee from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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