▷ Stormi Webster completely ignores her mother, Kylie Jenner, while watching the new movie “BossBaby”

Stormi Webster Updates: The little daughter of Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is such a huge fan of the new movie ‘Boss Baby’ that she doesn’t mind her mother’s new Instagram video.

Never play with the little 3 year old celebrity Stormi Webster when she is trying to see her favorite movie. Kylie Jenner, the 23-year-old media star, model, business mogul, and mom, learned bitterly on July 7th while trying to get her daughter’s attention for her new Instagram videos.

Kylie Jenner posted a number of videos from her movie night with her daughter Stormi Webster, but the second video is the funniest and cutest of them all. The first short video shows Kylie and Stormi looking into the camera while Kylie removes her make-up and purses her lips towards the camera.

Little Stormi can be seen in the background, who glued her eyes to the TV screen, while the new Boss Baby sequel is playing loudly in the background. The little girl is totally in love with the movie and ignores her mother who is recording her video.

Stormi Webster and Kylie Jenner


“Goose bumps? Goose?” I love you…” Kylie He tries again while Stormi continues to ignore her mother and watch her favorite movie. The child does not want to be interrupted while they are watching their film.

“I love you. I love you. Stormi! You try to get your daughter’s attention by screaming “I love you” and giving them cute nicknames. Then, after her mother shouts “I love you” again, Stormi finally turns her gaze from the film and slowly replies: “I love you too, mom” and it’s the cutest thing she has ever seen.

Of course Stormi loves her mother, but we can only assume that Stormi said what she had to say back then to get her mother not to interrupt her movie night.

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