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04.10.2021 – 08:34

Worms Police Department

Worms (ots)

As a member municipality of the Rhine-Neckar addiction prevention cooperation group, the city of Worms and the Worms police took part in a joint campaign for school classes. From 09/27 Until October 1st, 21st a so-called “Actionbound” on the subject of addiction prevention was played simultaneously in Ludwigshafen, Mannheim and Worms. It’s a digital scavenger hunt. The idea for Actionbound came about in the cooperation group “Addiction Prevention Rhein-Neckar”, in which the city of Worms – represented by the child and youth office – z. Currently leads the rotating chairmanship. On 09/27 the bound from the 10th grade of the Nibelungen Realschule plus and from 28.09. up to and including 30.09.21 played by the final classes of the Karmeliter-Realschule plus. The pupils were out and about with their smartphones, solving tasks and getting information from the police on site. The organizer for Worms was the Children’s and Youth Office; Cooperation partners are the two schools mentioned, Susann Kirst from the addiction prevention department of the Caritas Association and Claudia Holzhauser from the youth department of the Worms police station. Actionbound guided the young people interactively through the city center of Worms and provided information in a playful way about alcohol and other legal and illegal addictive substances, behavioral addictions, legal aspects and health risks. Through tasks and puzzles in a youth-friendly design, the participants were made aware of the topic of consumption and dependency and the development of risk competence was promoted. In addition, stations were deliberately selected for the digital scavenger hunt by Worms, which could also be of interest to young people in the future as a meeting point or to seek advice in the event of problems. At the end of each day, a visit to the Worms police station was part of it. The ninth and tenth graders were informed about legal and illegal drugs. They found out about the effects of drugs, the criminal liability of drug possession and addiction detection. Children and adolescents in particular are particularly susceptible to addictions, as they are in a development phase both physically and mentally. In addition, they usually do not have the necessary life experience that can save them from becoming addicted. Alternating shift officials also reported scenarios they had experienced, from car accidents under the influence of alcohol and drugs to police operations with drug-affected people at festivities. The youngsters were eager to learn and soaked up the information communicated. They asked questions and were interested in the subject.

With the method of media youth work, a playful as well as a resource- and competence-promoting approach to the topic of consumption and addiction was chosen. The young people were not only on the move in ideal weather, but also with fun and enthusiasm for the cause. All those involved agreed that it was a successful event, even if, due to the Corona, it had to take place with changed framework conditions.

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