▷ POL-OF: Press report police headquarters Southeast Hesse from Sunday, July 26th, 2020

26.07.2020 – 08:24

Police headquarters in Southeast Hesse – Offenbach

Offenbach (ots)

Main-Kinzig area

House fire – Hammersbach

Yesterday evening, around 8:19 p.m., a bungalow in the Wechmarer Ring caught fire for reasons that have not yet been clarified. First of all, a wooden shelf next to the house wall burned. This fire spread to the roof truss, which quickly burned and burned down completely. According to initial estimates, the damage to the building is around 200,000 euros. All residents were able to escape from the house in time so that no one was injured. The criminal investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. The volunteer fire departments from Hammersbach, Limeshain and Langenselbold were used to fight the fire.

Traffic accident between car and motorcycle – Jossgrund

On Saturday afternoon (July 25th) there was a serious traffic accident in the Jossgrund district on the L 3197. A 79-year-old car driver from Schluechtern was driving towards Burgjoss at 2:15 p.m. At the beginning of a right-hand bend, the 79-year-old came with his Opel Zafira to the left into the oncoming lane and touched the left wing mirror of an oncoming motorcycle. The 63-year-old cyclist from Alzenau was no longer able to stabilize his motorcycle, lurched and fell in the ditch. With suspected multiple fractures, he was transported to a nearby hospital. The motorcycle (BMW) suffered property damage amounting to around 15,000 euros, and only the driver’s side mirror was damaged on the car.

Offenbach area and motorway police:

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Offenbach am Main, July 26, 2020, Michael Schöfer, police leader on duty

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Police headquarters in southeastern Hesse
Geleitsstrasse 124, 63067 Offenbach
Police officer on duty (PvD)

Phone: 069-80 98-0
Fax: 069-80 98-2307
E-Mail: [email protected]

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