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09.09.2021 – 15:13

Police Headquarters Southeast Hesse – Offenbach

Offenbach (ots)

Offenbach area

1st call for witnesses after the attack on a woman near the main train station – Offenbach (lei)

After an attack on a 25-year-old woman in the area of ​​Bismarckstr. 185 near the main train station in the night from Monday to Tuesday, the criminal police are looking for witnesses to the incident. The young woman was on her way home at about 0.30 a.m. when she was attacked from behind by a male person and brought to the ground. Due to the strong resistance and loud cries for help from the attacked, the perpetrator abandoned her and presumably fled in the direction of the train station. If necessary, the perpetrator could have been accompanied by another person. The Kripo therefore asks witnesses who observed abnormalities or people fleeing in this area at the time of the crime to call 069 8098-1234.

2. Accident escape investigators ask for information – Neu-Isenburg

(aa) The accident escape investigators ask for information: On Monday, between 12.30 and 3 p.m., a black BMW parked in the street “Am Erlenbach” at number 19 was hit. The damage to the 330e xDrive is estimated at 3,000 euros. However, the polluter did not care and drove away. Witnesses please call 06183 911 55-0.

3rd accident: Cyclist fled – please report helpful cyclist! – Long

(aa) After a traffic accident with two cyclists involved, which already occurred on Sunday afternoon on the cycle path running parallel to Egelsbacher Straße, the accident investigators are looking for a 35-year-old cyclist as a witness. At around 5.45 p.m., a 73-year-old cyclist was heading towards Langen. Her husband cycled a little further behind her. A cyclist came from the opposite direction at high speed and driving too far to the left. The woman from Langen therefore dodged onto the green area and fell. The elderly woman suffered bruises on her hips and abrasions on her hand and legs. The polluter, for whom a detailed description is not yet available, did not stop. However, this was done by the 35-year-old who immediately rushed to help. The woman and other witnesses are asked to contact the accident escape investigators on 06183 91155-0.

4. The car suddenly reversed …. – Hainburg / Kleinkrotzenburg

(aa) Two women from Mainhausen and Hainburg now have their cars damaged because on Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Fahrstrasse / Erzbergerstrasse a red or orange small car suddenly rolled back quickly. Shortly before 4 p.m., this car, a VW and a Mazda were on their way towards the banks of the Main. When the small car drove back, the 36-year-old Golf driver reacted and also backed up. In doing so, however, she bumped into a 51-year-old Mazda. Damage to both of the women’s cars now amounts to around 600 euros. The culprit, however, did not care and sped away. The Seligenstadt police (06182 8930-0) is now looking for witnesses in order to be able to identify the fugitive.

Main-Kinzig district

1st lifesaver honored: fall from bridge prevented – Hanau

(lei) With their courageous intervention, they probably saved the life of a woman who wanted to jump off a bridge. Two courageous citizens have now been honored by the police for their rescue operation in July this year. The head of the Main-Kinzig Police Department, Chief Police Director Jürgen Fehler, thanked the two lifeguards Dariusz Szymanski and Dr. Giulio Tallarico for their selfless act and gave them a small present in Hanau on Wednesday. Late in the evening of July 26th, the two rescuers from the Main-Kinzig district prevented a 57-year-old woman from Hanau jumping into the Main from the Steinheimer Bridge. The woman had already climbed over the railing and was about to jump. The situation was first recognized by Mr. Szymanski, who immediately stopped his truck and ran to the woman. He tried to calm her down and made other road users aware of the situation. Dr. Tallarico also recognized the situation and rushed to help Mr. Szymanski. Both could grab the person by the arms and pull them back towards the railing. With the help of a third helper who had come in in the meantime, they finally pulled the woman over the railing and notified the rescue workers. The woman came to the hospital after receiving medical attention on site. The third helper was unfortunately unable to attend at short notice and could not keep the appointment. The corresponding police report on the incident ended with the words: “It can be assumed that the woman would no longer be alive without the intervention of the three rescuers”. The Hanau police thanks you for your quick help and the courage you showed!

Note: A photo is attached to this report (it shows from left to right: Chief Police Director Jürgen Fehler and the two rescuers Dariusz Szymanski and Dr. Giulio Tallarico, source: Police)

2. Paper bins were set on fire – please report witnesses! – Hanau

(aa) In Leimenstrasse, late Wednesday evening, around 10.45 p.m., two waste paper bins burned in the backyard of residential building number 35. At around 11.25 p.m. and 12.10 a.m. (Thursday), further burning garbage cans were reported in Lautenschläger Strasse and Salzstrasse. The total damage is estimated at 1,200 euros. The police are now investigating property damage caused by fire and are asking for information on 06181 100-120.

3. Where is the special bike? – Hanau / Kesselstadt

(aa) Thieves stole a special bike in Herderweg between Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon. A young person is dependent on this specially medically manufactured bike. The special bike was on a parking lot in the area of ​​house number 2. The officers of the investigation group Hanau I are now looking for witnesses to the theft and ask for information on the whereabouts of the bike by calling 06181 100-120.

Note: A picture for this message is attached (source: private).

4. Motorcyclist seriously injured in accident – Gründau / Rothenbergen

(aa) A 48-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured in a collision with a tractor combination on the 901 district road on Wednesday evening. An expert was commissioned to clarify the course of the accident. According to initial findings, the 21-year-old tractor driver (lives in Gelnhausen) turned off a farm road onto the K 901. The Langenselbolder motorcycle rider was on the road with his Harley-Davidson on the county road in the direction of his place of residence. The motorcycle probably got under the agricultural trailer. The total damage is estimated at 7,500 euros. Witnesses are asked to report to the Gelnhausen police station on 06051 827-0.

Offenbach, 09.09.2021, press office, Thomas Leipold

Please send any questions to:

Thomas Leipold (lei) – 1201 or 0160/980 00745
Andrea Ackermann (aa) – 1214 or 0173/301 7834
Felix Geis (fg) – 1211 or 0162/201 3806
Alexander Schlüter (as) – 1223 or 0162/201 3290
Jennifer Mlotek (jm) – 1212 or 0173/3017743

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Original content by: Police Headquarters Southeast Hesse – Offenbach, transmitted by news aktuell


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