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19.11.2021 – 13:01

Main customs office Krefeld

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Krefeld (ots)

The main customs office in Krefeld provides information about the handling of mail.

Also this year, Black Friday at the end of November heralds the hot phase of pre-Christmas online shopping and means high season for parcel senders and services. What many online shoppers do not consider: If the desired parcel is sent from a non-EU country, customs are involved, in several ways.

Because if the long-awaited sneakers or the latest smartphone are ordered from an online retailer in a third country, import duties and import sales tax may apply. In the case of goods subject to excise duty, such as alcohol, additional excise taxes must be paid.

The following provisions apply to shipments from a third country:

Goods value up to 150 euros: The import sales tax in the amount of the regular tax rate of 19% or the reduced tax rate of 7% for books or food, for example, and, if applicable, consumption taxes are levied.

Attention – please note that the previous exemption limit of 22 EUR is no longer applicable. Since July 1, 2021, import duties have to be paid for all goods that come from a third country. Only import duties of less than one euro are not charged.

Goods value over 150 euros: In addition to the import sales tax, there are also goods-dependent customs and, if applicable, consumption taxes.

Exceptions apply to private gift shipments. These are free of duty and import sales tax up to a value of 45 euros.

As a rule, the carrier (post, courier or express service provider) takes care of the customs formalities as soon as the shipment arrives at the parcel centers and also pays the import duties due in advance. Online buyers should note that the transport company generally charge a separate service fee for registration with customs and advance payment of import duties. Information on this should be included in the general terms and conditions of the carrier or seller. The service fee is not an import duty from customs.

If the information required for customs clearance is missing or incomplete, the mail item is generally forwarded to the customs office responsible for the recipient. In these cases, the customer will be informed by letter from the post office and must personally take care of customs clearance.

In addition to levying taxes, import bans and restrictions must always be observed for postal and courier shipments. For example, customs oversee the review of commercial legal protection and product safety of technical devices or clothing to protect consumers.

“Supposedly cheap branded products can quickly turn out to be a bad investment if they are counterfeit,” said Diana Hommes press spokeswoman for the main customs office in Krefeld. “The goods are seized and destroyed, the purchase price is not reimbursed by the supplier. In addition, the recipient of the package can expect civil proceedings with the rights holder if necessary.”

Post and courier shipments from other EU member states can usually be received without customs formalities. However, if you order alcohol or tobacco from another EU country, you may have to pay taxes. In addition, certain import bans must also be observed here.

The mail can be cleared in the district of the main customs office in Krefeld at the customs offices of Neuss, Mönchengladbach, Krefeld-Uerdingen and Nettetal-Kaldenkirchen, which are responsible for each place of residence. More information as well as the contact details and opening times of all customs offices are available at www.zoll.de set.

So if you want to give presents for Christmas in a relaxed way, you should find out more in good time at Zoll.de or the “TinA” chatbot provided there, or with the “Customs and Post” app.

Please send any queries to:

Main customs office Krefeld
Press officer
Diana Men
Phone: 02151/580-10600
E-Mail: [email protected]

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