Learn Sports Balls Basketball Football Soccer Ball Baseball From ESPN Future Pro

We’re learning sports balls in this fun video with toys, kids sports, and more. ESPN Future Pro sent us a bunch of sports balls including a football, soccer ball, and baseball to use in our video. We threw in a basketball and a bowling ball to play some DreamWorks Trolls bowling.

The video is great for kids to learn sports balls, watch Little Wish play with the balls by kicking the soccer ball, throwing the football, and throwing the baseball. She also shoots some hoops with our Disney Cars 3 mini-basketball. We also threw in some fun blind bags and toys to have a bit more fun.

We opened a Cars 3 blind bag after playing basketball and also a zuru smashers. Last up isn’t a blind bag but it’s a super fun Jiggly Doos toy that jiggles and wiggles through the basketball hoop.

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