Extreme Sports Car Simulator 2018 PRO

**Extreme Sports Car Simulator 2018 PRO, It is a simulation game with eye-catching graphics and a realistic driving feel.Provides a unique convenience and intuitive experience in the use of sports cars.Realistic simulation car park game Realistic super cars drive are ready to have fun and develop your skills while playing with easy parking be feeling …

Real Car Parking Driver Game features
*3 different control options : steering wheel, sensor and dynamic
*16 language options
*Popular car modifications
*Various rims and paint varieties
*Great options for strengthening your car:speed, brake and engine
*The most popular 15 sports vehicles , luxury vehicles and special vehicle options
*3D realistic cockpit view
*Zoom in or out of the camera
*360 degree camera angle
*40 different episodes
*Drive like real driver
*Steering wheel drive
Start parking with.

We made all game modes 100% FREE to play as you wish, now you can play as you like :).It can be acquired with optional In-App Purchases, which change the rules slightly to make the game easier real car.
NOTYou do not need an internete after you install this fun car parking game. You play like you wish 🙂
How to play
2018 Driving Simulator , you will need to demonstrate your ability to avoid some obstacles before you can drive your car into park areas.Take checkpoints to take you to the destination in your field of vision and try to park without hitting the carousel along the way and the cars of others.Remember that the fewer you crash, the more rewards you get.you can strengthen your car with the money you earn, you can buy new vehicles.After you drive 15 legends, you will be the king of the roads real city.At the same time, this realistic parking game will constantly bring you to the harder levels for you to upgrade your vehicle and maximize your profit.If you like driving, be prepared to play this game for hours…:)

Purpose Of The Game
The purpose of this game is to improve your skills in driving and parking while having fun.
You can contribute to the development of Car Parking Game 3D with your vote and comments on Google Play. Thank you…

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